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Glass Film Importer, dealers & supplier: Living Interior is Glass Film Importer, dealers & supplier in Noida & Greater Noida. Sun Control Film, Stained Glass Window Film, Frosted Glass Films, Safety Films
Living Interior The best option by far is a film that will cover the whole pane or part of the pane depending on the height to which you require privacy. Glass Film Supplier in Noida, Glass Film dealers in Noida, Glass Film dealers in greater noida, Supplier  in Greater Noida
Frosted Window Film is an ideal solution as it can be applied directly to the existing glass, and makes it opaque just like frosted or etched glass.Glass Film Supplier in Noida | Glass Film dealers in Noida | Glass Film dealers &Supplier; in Greater Noida - Living interior We have a wide range of frosted films which can be ordered by the meter or cut to size. Installation couldn't be easier, using soapy water and the application tool that we supply with every order.If you're after something a bit more personalised we also have a range of Decorative Window Film which is frosted film embossed with various patterns ranging from flowers, blossoms and classical patterns.

Glass films offer options for decorative and functional graphics on glass windows, doors and mirrors. They also function well on other transparent media, like acrylic and polycarbonate sheets.The result is rejuvenated offices, hotels, restaurants, shop floors, trade show areas and more. Most Avery Dennison Window Films are printable for ultimate visual customization, and films are of the highest quality so that application is fast and visually appealing.  

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